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Soul Self-Care

How are you feeling? Right now that’s a very important question. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the emotions of the current tragedies around the world, especially if you’re tied to the events culturally. It can be overwhelming, I understand. We can’t eliminate the bad news, sadness and worry, but we must learn how to navigate through these feelings as they relate to the current events.

War and discord tend to stir us up inside and consume our thoughts. Some of us experience this with intensity, so we talk about it as much as we can to make sense of the situation. For others it’s more like a low level fever - a tension that hangs out below in our subconscious, creating arguments, lack of sleep or low work productivity.

You may experience some or all of this. But, instead of allowing these feelings to interrupt your life by consuming you and manifesting fear and sadness, you can work with them. Life goes on and you need to thrive individually, in work and in your relationships, while being mindful to the world’s events. That said, here are 5 tips to help you counterbalance these times which attempt to disconnect you from feeling safe and grounded in who you really are at your core.

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