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Laine C.

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Individual Coaching

Especially during these times, at MyOshun we understand how important it is for all of us to process our feelings and engage in healthy communication while we navigate this new stage. Daydree is our Certified Coach available for 1 hour private online or phone sessions. She works with clients like a teammate to design and implement their WHY, vision, goals and direction through inspired action. Daydree is also a Reiki Master and offers other Relaxation Therapies virtually in combination with coaching as an added benefit. Her goal is to help clients create the ideal environment for change, growth, and personal transformation to occur.

Leslie L.

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Lauren C.

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Love Coaching

Our current health situation has the potential to put stress on those in relationships and on Singles looking to create new relationships. However, our Good Love Coach, Daydree is here to help! She met her own husband online, and has some helpful tips for Singles interested in virtual dating and Couples that want to improve their own relationship. Daydree has worked for years with both Singles and Couples on relationship goals, including online dating, listening skills, better verbal and non-verbal communication, and enhancing romance. Private coaching is available online or via phone. (1hr sessions)

James H.

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