Private Coaching for Individuals  & Couples

Laine C.

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Painted Lady Butterfly Solardarkroom

Now anti-depressants are no more and cannot even say how much better I feel about myself. 

Individual Coaching


Daydree Horner is a Certified Coach and Reiki Master Teacher who offers private 1:1 coaching online. Her goal is to create a safe, relaxed environment for clients to experience the personal transformation they want, as well as, the change and growth they desire in relationships. Daydree met her own husband online so she shares a specific understanding and empathy with those dating in this way. Also, as a Reiki Master Teacher, her coaching style includes special attention to manifesting more calm and peace within. (1hr session)

Leslie L.

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She has impeccable insight...caring, patient...guided me to make goals and concrete plans.

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Love Coaching for Singles

Lauren C.

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Provided me very practical tools...guided me into what my soul is truly looking for. 

Singles! With supportive love coaching, discover what may be holding you back from attracting your ideal mate and gain the tools you need to become a love magnet. Daydree aims to bring out your best, inner butterfly. 


Right now, this is a great time to attract your partner. Taking your time to get to know someone is important because you are valuable. That said, video chats are a good way to begin the dating process at a more mindful pace


Private 1:1 coaching is available online. (1hr sessions)

Beth W.

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She had me ask myself some very important questions and look honestly for the answers.

Savannah S.

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Hit the nail on the head...Her words gave me a new, humble light in which to see him [my boyfriend].

Couples Coaching

Are you feeling a little cabin fever with your mate? Good Love Coach, Daydree is here to help! She has some helpful tips for couples working from home together. Also, if you're ready to deepen romance, relationship skills, reach specific relationship goals or access better listening skills, verbal/ non-verbal communication, private 1:1 coaching is available online for you and your partner. (90min session)

James H.

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Daydree's "land with love"... an easy tip that goes a long way when you're married!