Do you need a change in life? Have you lost some direction? Or do you already know your career path but are no longer excited about it? We assist you by way of a few different options: individual coaching sessions, our life coaching program, and for entrepreneurs we design your website, edit your copy and coach you through the beginning process. Scroll on... 


Life Coaching Program

We help you create the change you're seeking by first discovering "Your WHY" and your own authentic purpose through self discovery via our transformational program. In our 7- session program, discover your Circle of Success and its significance in moving your life forward. Create the vision for your path and doable goals that make sense and aren't daunting, but instead get you energized for moving ahead. 

When I realized her MyOshun logo was a butterfly, I knew I landed in the right place at the right time.  Initially, my goal was to heal from a foot surgery with Reiki. Soon I discovered Daydree had many unique gifts, including a fierce sense of humor.  I was hooked and ready to dive deeper with her life coaching program. It was a little like soul boot camp – intense, challenging, inspiring and quickly rewarding.  Her exercises helped me identify my limiting beliefs and patterns that fueled inner conflict rather than the balance and flow I desired.  Together, we crafted my “WHY” and action plan to nurture those growth areas.  Her intuitive insights and integrated approach to building greater happiness made the experience very fulfilling. Daydree is deeply dedicated to her clients and supports with her whole heart. That’s why the butterfly is just so perfect. She helps people believe and dream bigger – to spread those gorgeous wings and fly!


- Michelle Spinale, Marketing Executive  

Daydree Horner, Napa Valley
Daydree Horner is our Certified Life Coach, who works with clients and companies like a teammate to design and implement their WHY, vision, goals and direction through inspired action. She is also our Good Love Coach and Reiki Master with hundreds of hours of experience organizing the lives and businesses of individuals and entrepreneurs. Daydree's goal is to help clients create the ideal environment for personal transformation to occur, where they envision and can manifest the life they truly desire. Daydree's warm, enthusiastic and focused approach helps clients disarm fear, access their gold within and connect to inner joy! 
Start your success now with private coaching~

6 sessions, plus your Complimentary Consultation!

Life Coaching Session

In need of only one individual session or one follow-up session for your professional or personal transformation and empowerment? Book one session with our Certified Life Coach, Daydree Horner. 

Begin your one-on-one coaching session!


Web Design

Ready for a Website that Reflects Your Vision? 


We’ll create your website, edit copy, share marketing tips, and coach setting intentions.

Daydree works with attention to detail and mindfulness to create your website.

This website, MyOshun is an example of Daydree's web design. Here's another: SleevieCape 


Daydree is a woman of many talents. She was amazing to collaborate with, melding my vision with something workable and stylish.  She not only got my project done quickly, she kept me on task! Daydree was helpful in coaching me when I was recalcitrant about certain things (I am grumpy about social media) in a way that was practical and straight forward. My website is cooler than I would have been able to dream up, and so user friendly, but still very much ME. I couldn't recommend her more!


- Victoria Blow, Inventor

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