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Individuals & Couples

All guided meditations are facilitated by Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Coach, Daydree Horner. She offers private online 1:1 sessions with different types of meditation (see below) in combination with limited coaching as needed. These sessions are tailor-made for each client and their specific needs.

"May the light of goodness surround you." ~Daydree

Award-winning author, Colleen Paeff

Focused Meditation

Ceranus Blue Butterfly

This meditation is particularly beneficial for those who desire help with concentration. A focal point, like prayer beads or a flower can be utilized for this meditation. Breath work is involved as well. *This meditation may be used in combination with another.

(60 min service.)

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Dainty Sulphur Butterfly

Loving-Kindness Meditation is also known as Metta Meditation. This is good if the client is harboring feelings of resentment, anger, or any other type of conflicting emotions with others, or negative feelings around an event. With this practice the client repeats positive phrases many times to themselves until they start to embody the message. *This meditation may be used in combination with another.

(60 min service)

Mindfulness Meditation

Greenish Blue Butterfly

Mindfulness Meditation is a practice where the client observes their thoughts without judgment. This can be done while doing an activity. This meditation creates more awareness, more thoughtful responses and can benefit memory. *This meditation may be used in combination with another.

(60 min service)

Visualization Meditation

Mormon Metalmark Butterfly

With this practice the client has a meditation experience using their 5 senses. The aim is to create a space where the client can journey to a place of understanding and processing their challenge with greater peace. *This meditation may be used in combination with another.


(60 min service)

Moving Guided Meditation

Bernardino Blue Butterfly in flight

Like this butterfly taking off in flight, sometimes humans prefer to keep it moving. If you're someone who enjoys lots of movement like exercise and dance, or if you have a difficult time meditating because it seems like you're sitting for "too long", this is the meditation for you. In terms of Neuro-Linguistic Programming you might be kinesthetic, in which case, this meditation is ideal! *This meditation may be used in combination with another

(60 min service)

Sleep & Relaxation

Chalcedon Checkerspot Butterfly

When it comes to sleep and relaxing the body, many folks have this issue. Our Reiki Master Teacher, Daydree Horner has sleep tips and a meditation for truly relaxing the body in preparation for sleep. This is one of our most popular services! *This meditation may be used in combination with another.

(60 min service)

Couples Meditation

Couples Meditation

Chalcedon Checkerspots mating

In addition to Couples Reiki, we've added Couples Meditation for those interested in deepening their connection, intimacy, and healing emotional wounds. This session creates an environment for a couples reboot to occur with more patience and calm which builds understandingEach Couples Meditation session is specifically crafted for the couple. It includes breath work, visualization and movement meditation as needed.

(60 min service)

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