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You are a Flower

Updated: May 2

“You are a flower,” he said in a breathy voice. We were dating and this was part of his seduction. Um-hm, a flower? We didn’t last as a couple, but he did make a great point.

We are all flowers in a metaphorical sense. We are meant to bloom.

“When you stop growing you start dying,” stated William S. Burroughs.

I have never enjoyed this sentiment. It feels like an absolute… but is it true?

Life pushes us to grow. Every loss, every win, every death, every birth is a push. And it’s not only major life experiences. Day-to-day events like standing on a long line at the grocery store, dealing with a customer service representative on the phone after you’ve been holding for some time or simply planning a joyous vacation - all push us to grow and bloom into our best selves… or not. Challenges are peppered between all of the good and bad that life has to offer. We utilize our own qualities and core values to meet these moments. Discipline. Kindness. Hard work. Efficiency. Organization. These are just a few of the values that propel us forward on the path of life.

But what if we’re not exuding our core values because we’re distracted, we've had a hard day and not at our best? What do we do when our worst is shared with the world?

I don’t think we die, metaphorically, because we’re not growing in the moment. This is when we forgive ourselves, and accept that something needs to die off within us in order to transform and ultimately, keep growing.

Plants work this way. We prune the stems that seem to have no purpose and prevent the plant from flourishing. Once this is done, the plant can bloom again.

This can work for us, as well. For example, if we need to create more health and wellness, but insist on having Moons Over My Hammy every weekend, that must die off. If we’re searching for a relationship but don’t connect much to others with care and love, start reaching out, because what goes around comes around. And if we’re concerned about finances but insist on ordering food from a restaurant every week instead of cooking at home, let go of that habit too. These are simple examples, but the idea of releasing what no longer serves us can be applied in most areas where we’re not growing.

It’s springtime and I want you to bloom and have what you desire. I want you to have the very best that you can achieve. So what is it that can be released within you? It may very well be a quality or habit that you hold closest to you. Check in with yourself. And in the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter above ⬆️ for 3 tips on what's holding you back so you can start pruning in order to bloom. After all, you are a flower.

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