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Couples Reiki session review

I met Daydree on social media. Her wisdom and advice seemed to resonate with me and I began to follow her. At the time I was single, an only parent of teens and not really looking to date in the near future. We began to work together for a while and my views on dating again began to change. Eventually she gently built my confidence up and I began to see that I could and even wanted get back into the dating scene after years of staying solo. Talking with her made me feel heard and cared for. She guided me back to knowing that I am deserving of good love and that with some effort on my part I could find it. She helped me understand what was holding me back from dating again and allowed me to love myself enough to open myself up to caring and loving someone again. I found her accidentally and now I am sure she was put in my path on purpose. She was (and is) a lifeline I didn't know I needed. [coaching]

- Nicolette M.



Daydree is a blessing. She has a unique ability to help you cut through the noise in your life and in your head, to help guide you back to yourself so you can reclaim peace and love. Its always there, Daydree helps you find it in a wise and happy way. Thank you Daydree. [coaching]

- Arthur A.


We've been together just over 2 years and we have a very good thing going... But... communication can be unpredictable. So although we speak the same language and we even play the same language of music, sometimes it feels like we're not quite connecting with what we want to say with each other. So I'm very grateful for our session with Daydree... We had some really great advice and some transformative tools in our pockets now for better than ever communication. And we will conquer the world together! Thanks Daydree. (Couples Coaching)

- Beth & Mike



I’d been slow to jump back in to the dating pool after the end of a long term relationship. Truthfully, I had shut down that part of my life and even considered that I might be better off alone for the rest of my life. Enter Daydree and her comprehensive Good Love Program to connect me to the right woman. From the start, she had me take a look at my core values, and how those core values conflicted with past relationships.  Without those core agreements and shared values a relationship is doomed from the start. Understanding how I made those mistakes opened the door to defining the ideal woman for me. 


As a coach, Daydree comes from a place of compassion and wisdom, but I was not always an easy student. At times, she had to lovingly nudge me through confronting self-created barriers that I thought were serving me. Finally, we went through my wardrobe and Daydree coached me on how I was present myself. Also, we dived into online dating, something that I had been reticent to try.  


After completing the program, I feel more confident and in control of my dating life. Using my core values we uncovered a new vision. I’m now attracting the kind of women I want on a deeper level.  

- Tyler M.

The Good Love Program is perfect for anyone seeking answers about how and why they attract the people they do in relationship, and how to attract who you actually desire. Daydree taught me a great deal about how I love and she did that through helping me find my reasons for it and applying it to my purpose. As a result, I’ve forgiven, healed, and learned to beautifully surround myself with people who value the love within themselves and me.

- Roni D.



We’re getting married! A few months shy of my 54th birthday and a few months into the freedom of releasing my final toxic relationship, I was fed up with being single and determined to find the right partner for my life. Enter Daydree, the Good Love Coach whose wisdom and compassion led me to appreciating the value I can bring to a relationship and to clarifying what kind of relationship I want. Daydree took me by the hand and helped me clear out the confusion and clutter of my past and my tendencies. No long after I started coaching with her, I met Ernie. I think it was date number four when it hit me that he was the one. I finally understood what people mean when they say that! Starting a relationship late in life has its own challenges, but I’m happy to work through them because I’m so glad to have Ernie in my life. And I’m thrilled to begin this journey with him at this stage in my life. It truly is never too late! Thank you, Daydree, for guiding me through the process of finding the right guy for me, my future husband.


- Rebecca K.



When we decided to have children, it made sense for our family for me to stay home. I had a career that I was ready to transition away from, so I jumped into my 'mom' role. Fast forward three kids and many years later and I was ready to start working again, both to contribute financially and for my own satisfaction and growth. I started with a number of part time jobs, piecing together what I could while still juggling the demands of being a mom. I simply became exhausted, rushing from one thing to the next. I lost complete track of what felt good for me. Fortunately, I started working with Daydree. It was transformative. We began by exploring what was important to me and talking about what kind of job would have those qualities. Daydree, in her loving but firm way, encouraged me to keep looking. To be honest, I had doubts. I didn't believe my job was out there. How could a busy mom in a small town find something that would check all the boxes in terms of satisfaction and growth potential and flexibility? No way. But there was Daydree in my corner. She wouldn't let me give up. She gave me concrete tips on how to put out feelers and research. And.....I found it. I found an amazing job that does in fact check all the boxes! I couldn't be more thrilled. Daydree is a fabulous coach. She has a unique style that is both nurturing and determined. She combines intuition and exploration into what would bring true satisfaction with a practical knowledge of how to get the job done. Any client would be lucky to have Daydree on their team!

- Katherine C.

"Nothing can really explain my experience {love coaching and reiki} other than, awesome!! How one can open your mind and allow you to see things about yourself that you didn’t even know! I was pretty far off the path, anti depressants, just trying anything to feel just a fraction better about myself. My past was being relived practically every day and felt nothing but anger, confusion and mostly, I felt alone! From my experiences followed by a very powerful strike that broke the camels back, I felt happiness was something dangled in front of me only to be taken not to long after. Now, anti depressants are no more and cannot even say how much better I feel about myself. I know I still have many things to figure out, however i know Daydree will guide me to pave the path I know I’m capable of! Thank you."


- Laine C.

"I cannot begin to explain how much Daydree has helped me with my life. In the past I have gotten Reiki, enrolled in the Good Love program, and now I just completed her life coaching program and I am beyond happy for enrolling in it.  Prior to taking the life coaching sessions, my life was essentially stagnant. Although many things were good in my life, it didn't feel as though there was any true movement.  The life coaching program allowed me to look at my life in its entirety. Instead of just living life from day to day, Daydree guided me to make goals, and concrete plans of how I was going to realistically accomplish these goals. Throughout the program, I felt as though I had a guardian angel who was guiding me in the right direction. Daydree is caring, patient, very knowledgeable, and wise! She has impeccable insight into things, and I would recommend her and her life coaching program to anyone who needs assistance with life goals, life organization, or are in a need of getting movement in their lives in order to get things accomplished."


- Leslie L.

"Before this experience, I was not the kind of person who would go for Reiki.  To be honest, it all seemed a little hippy-dippy, chakras and auras, crystals and karma type of thing to me.  How it works, I do not know.  I do know that I was having a physical issue, which was very likely tied to stress.  The sessions with Daydree brought a sense of calm and peace which allowed the physical healing to take place much faster than I thought possible. Daydree was great: Caring, respectful, and professional."


- Tom M.

"I was fortunate enough to be a client of Daydree's for her Good Love program. More than just understanding what might be blocking me from finding love, Daydree was able to help me get clear on exactly what I was looking for in a partner. The most powerful element in this program is Daydree, not only does she have years of experience working with couples and observing what works and doesn't work in relationship but her clear intuition gives her the ability to deeply hear what the client needs and is looking for.  This program provided me very practical tools like experiencing myself on a date with confidence and the freedom to simply enjoy the EXPERIENCE. Daydree has also guided me into what my soul is truly looking for. I have never felt so loved and the way she has created this program allows you to feel as if it were customized and tailored around you as an individual. I cannot recommend this program with any more enthusiasm it is AMAZING!!! You will experience falling in love with yourself and truly know what it is that your heart desires."


- Lauren C.


"Daydree is beautiful and gifted. What a way to experience the healing power of reiki. My boyfriend and I participated in a couples reiki session we bought from groupon a while ago.  The groupon expired do to our busy schedules and eventually we called to find out if Daydree would be willing to let us use it.  Needless to say, she said yes and was very accommodating with the schedule/info for parking/how to get there, etc.


From the moment we walked into her office, Daydree's energy was so loving and spunky and sincere. She's a truly genuine person and wears no mask or facade. I felt very at peace around her compassionate spark. I was originally upset upon my arrival, frustrated and on edge but Daydree's energy of love and kindness melted all of it away much to my gratitude.

By the time we laid down for our couples reiki session I burst into tears. She proceeded to comfort me in the most appropriate and kind way that was both loving and professional. During the session my boyfriend and I laid on separate beds, side by side with about a foot of room in between us, but Daydree made sure we could still touch each other comfortably after our reiki. Because I was in tears she helped me first and went back and fourth from me and my boyfriend in a very cyclical and organic way. The reiki was warm, loving and buzzing and gave me so much peace.  

After the session Daydree spent time talking with us about our energies and relationship. As a healer and counselor she gave us feedback individually and as a couple. Everything Daydree said to me specifically hit the nail on the head and she was even kind enough to give me my own personal guide to my meditation practice. When Daydree turned around and spoke to my boyfriend specifically, her words also gave me a new and humble light in which to see him.

When it was time to leave, naturally, me and my boyfriend didn't want to out stay our welcome even though we secretly wanted to spend the rest of the day with Daydree. She made us feel at home and welcome and NEVER rushed to go. In fact she often said to us, "I don't want to keep YOU guys!" Daydree encouraged us to spend the day in a peaceful environment like walking on the beach and embracing each other often.  She reminded us to take care of ourselves gently. Of course we took Daydree's advice and that day my boyfriend and I spent on the beach, that day of reiki with Daydree, I'll always be remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

Hopefully I'll get to go back soon, I just want to be around her... and her incredible reiki!!"


- Savannah S.


"When I realized her MyOshun logo was a butterfly, I knew I landed in the right place at the right time. Initially, my goal was to heal from a foot surgery with Reiki. Soon I discovered Daydree had many unique gifts, including a fierce sense of humor.  I was hooked and ready to dive deeper with her life coaching program. It was a little like soul boot camp – intense, challenging, inspiring and quickly rewarding. Her exercises helped me identify my limiting beliefs and patterns that fueled inner conflict rather than the balance and flow I desired.  Together, we crafted my “WHY” and action plan to nurture those growth areas. Her intuitive insights and integrated approach to building greater happiness made the experience very fulfilling. Daydree is deeply dedicated to her clients and supports with her whole heart. That’s why the butterfly is just so perfect. She helps people believe and dream bigger – to spread those gorgeous wings and fly!"


- Michelle S.

"Daydree is a wonderful and kind soul. I have used her services for Reiki and for the Good Love program. Her Good Love Program is very good for helping you understand online dating. It's also good for people who have a busy schedule, such as myself. She has gone above and beyond to assist me with my situation. She listens to you and has terrific advice. Daydree is very knowledgeable in the areas of energy, relieving stress, and teaching me how to love myself. I truly feel like she is a blessing in my life!"


- Lisa T.


"This is the real deal.  I have always been open to Reiki but had never tried it until I was hit by a car walking across the street and I began to seek all sorts of treatments to heal my injuries both physically and emotionally. I now realize Reiki should be a consistent practice, like acupuncture or therapy. As a psychotherapist I see and hear daily how we all seek inner peace in our lives. But  we all too often neglect our physical body.  Daydree has an ability with her years of practice, I feel to tap into a strong and calming energy allowing her to balance my energy and bring harmony back to my physical body without having to push and prod on the muscles which get enough exercise.  Daydree also teaches through her coaching and reiki what your body and energy are trying to tell you and she then is able to move your bodies energy back to balance.  I emphatically encourage you to connect with Daydree, she is one of a kind and was put on this earth to perform this healing work.  Because of this treatment and my willingness to be open and trust this work I have no back pain or neck pain after being hit by a gigantic SUV going 35 mph! and I am 4'10 so you can imagine the impact ;)"


- Lauren C.

"As a doctor, I try to tap into my own energies to help patients, and I recently experienced the same type of healing with Daydree of MyOshun. She gave me a Reiki session which was powerfully healing. Though seemingly simple, her movements induced a state of profound peace and health. Her energy imparts a feeling of both vitality and calm. A particularly ‘imbalanced’ part of my body (Achilles’ heel) had been uncomfortable and tense on and off during my entire adulthood. During Daydree’s healing treatment the temperature of this part of my body changed from cold to hot to warm – how interesting! Overall, the tension in this area melted away and I felt better and healthier. The whole process of treatment was invigorating and left me with a sense of well-being. I highly recommend a Reiki session with Daydree.”


- Terri P.


"Daydree's energy work has improved my feelings of happiness, which in turn has helped decrease my physical pain. I have ruptured disks in my back and have also been diagnosed with Tension Myoneural/Myositis Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome and chronic headaches. I feel a lightness and weight lifted after my (reiki) sessions, as well as a clarity. I find our talks helpful as well. She is an invaluable resource in helping to resolve the trauma that revisits me in the form of physical pain.  I am very much indebted to her for her loving kindness, genuine care and indisputable results."


- Rose Y.

"Daydree's coaching was invaluable during the crucial time I was considering moving to another country to take a chance on love. She had me ask myself some very important questions and look honestly for the answers; this action helped solidify the faith I needed to take this chance. And it worked! I'm in love and married, living for five years now with my husband, in Switzerland! Now I enjoy one on one coaching with Daydree via Skype. The continued, personal support is nothing short of inspiring, continually giving me fresh ideas for my relationship--and keeping me grounded in the midst of my career and culture change."


- Beth W.

"Daydree is a truly beautiful soul. She emanates light, love and wisdom. She is intelligent, has a wonderful sense of humor, is kind-hearted and down-to-earth. She is an exceptional relationship coach, a great listener who also offers helpful and sound advice to anyone seeking clarity in their lives. She is truly a gifted healer and teacher, yet humble. Working with Daydree is a very beautiful, loving and powerful experience. I highly recommend having reiki with Daydree, her sessions are calming and amazingly healing and instantaneously have a positive effect on your mind, body and spirit."


- Bernadette H.

"After attending several challenging births, I went to Daydree for Reiki. Getting on the table I was depleted, emotionally raw, and experiencing overall exhaustion. During the session I could start feeling my internal energy shift. By the end of the session I felt restored. Also, I could feel the Reiki working for several days afterward. As someone who has worked in the field for over 12 years, I understand what a good session is like. I have and will continue to recommend Daydree to colleagues in the future."


- Juli A.

"Daydree creates a loving and sacred space for Spirit to work through the body and the heart… Her (reiki) work is elegant, impacts you, and is full of Presence, as she guides you through a graceful journey that continues to unfold as you move through your day and week."


- Sharon C.

"During Reiki with Daydree, I found myself going through my lifespan. I went back as far as when I was a little girl. I saw my ancestors. I tapped into a certain energy within myself that felt like home to my essence of life. As a mother, I’ve always placed my child first like all good mothers. However, my breakthrough was that I came back to my own individuality as well as being a Mom. I came back to my womanhood and to me."


- Myra V.

"Amazing and transformative…a body-soul experience you have to feel to fully understand! Daydree’s healing (reiki) touch is both intuitive and nurturing while providing a lasting energetic shift unlike any therapeutic technique I have ever had."


- Tes G.


"It was a great pleasure meeting you. I enjoyed our conversation very much. The Reiki was wonderful. I've been relaxed and tired, so I have been trying to get some rest. I would love to continue to work with you. I know there are no accidents and you're in my life for a good reason. I've been meditating on what  you said and I agree with it. I need to trust in the process... walk by faith not by sight. Good things come to those who wait. I need to work on being more optimistic, being kind to myself and using words that create life and the experiences that I want to attract. I will keep my head up and move on and do my very best. Thank you for shining your light and reminding and inspiring me to shine mine. I would love to read your blogs so thank you for adding me to the mailing list. I look forward to working with you. Thanks again for everything."


- Marina B.

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