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A holistic approach to energy management as it relates to physical, mental and emotional pain.

What is Reiki
Reiki is an integrative medicine (a natural Japanese holistic therapy) where subtle, stationary hand positions are placed on the torso and head (or hovered above) over points of tension to restore balance and stimulate healing within the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. 
Reiki Benefits
Reiki therapy aids in releasing different types of emotional, mental and physical pain. Reiki is effective when coping with ailments caused by stress and anxiety by restoring balance to the body's energy centers which allows the body to heal itself naturally. For example, Reiki is beneficial in relieving stress, fear, panic/anger, as well as restoring more calm and balance to the individual. Reiki is classified as a Complementary Alternative Medicine which can help alleviate high blood pressure, depression, insomnia and grief. It's extremely beneficial for pre-op/post-op, especially related to traumas such as heart attacks. Clients that receive regular Reiki treatments experience not only relief from the aforementioned health conditions, but an increased state of wellness long-term, including feeling the ability to manage every day stress. Reiki further benefits pregnancy, birth and post-partum symptoms. Reiki helps cope with the symptoms connected with cancer, fibromyalgia and autism. When our energy systems are more in balance, we have better energy, gain greater clarity, awareness and focus. As a result, we're more connected to ourselves and our partners, we create and attract more stable relationships and access greater success overall in our lives. This is why Couples Reiki is another service that we offer. Couples Reiki is highly beneficial for couples. (See below.)

How Reiki Therapy Works
Reiki therapy works similarly to acupuncture but in a non-invasive way. Acupuncture utilizes "acupoints" or acupressure points that work along meridians which correspond to certain parts of the body to stimulate healing. Reiki therapy works along your energy centers (chakras) which also correspond to certain parts of the body to stimulate healing, as well. Reiki supports your health care regimen because it is a natural therapy that does not interfere with medications.

How to Prepare for Your Session
A Reiki session with Daydree is typically one hour in length. Comfortable clothing is suggested so that the client is relaxed during the length of the session. Also, refrain from using stimulants prior to your session, like caffeinated drinks. They prevent our bodies from naturally relaxing.
Your Practitioner
Daydree is a Certified Master & Teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki with over 13 years experience.  “As within, so without.” When we de-stress, balance and heal the emotional and mental bodies, we activate more inner peace and healthy transformation in our lives.

​​“As a doctor, I try to tap into my own energies to help patients, and I recently experienced the same type of healing with Daydree of MyOshun. She gave me a Reiki session which was powerfully healing. Though seemingly simple, her movements induced a state of profound peace and health. A particularly 'imbalanced' part of my body (Achilles' heel) had been uncomfortable and tense on and off during my entire adulthood. During Daydree's healing treatment the temperature of this part of my body changed from cold to hot to warm - how interesting! Overall, the tension in this area melted away and I felt better and healthier. The whole process of treatment was invigorating and left me with a sense of well-being. I highly recommend Reiki with Daydree."


- Terri D. Pickering, Ophthalmologist  

Couples Reiki


Couples Reiki works much the same way as a couples massage, except - it's better! Couples Reiki enhances and balances the energy of the couple both individually and together. During the session each party receives Reiki, then the couple gets to share the Reiki they've just received with each other. This is an added bonus designed to deepen the connection and increase intimacy for the couple. As our energy centers become balanced, we achieve more clarity which improves communication and opens the heart to more loving and peaceful actions. Also, as our energy centers become more aligned with that of our partners, we're better able to weather the natural, emotional challenges that occur in relationships.

"Daydree is beautiful and gifted. What a way to experience the healing power of reiki.  My boyfriend and I participated in a couples reiki session we bought from groupon a while ago. The groupon expired do to our busy schedules and eventually we called to find out if Daydree would be willing to let us use it.  Needless to say, she said yes and was very accommodating with the schedule/info for parking/how to get there, etc.


From the moment we walked into her office, Daydree's energy was so loving and spunky and sincere.  She's a truly genuine person and wears no mask or facade.  I felt very at peace around her compassionate spark.  I was originally upset upon my arrival, frustrated and on edge but Daydree's energy of love and kindness melted all of it away much to my gratitude.

By the time we laid down for our couples reiki session I burst into tears.  She proceeded to comfort me in the most appropriate and kind way that was both loving and professional. During the session my boyfriend and I laid on separate beds, side by side with about a foot of room in between us, but Daydree made sure we could still touch each other comfortably after our reiki.  Because I was in tears she helped me first and went back and fourth from me and my boyfriend in a very cyclical and organic way.  The reiki was warm, loving and buzzing and gave me so much peace.  

After the session Daydree spent time talking with us about our energies and relationship.  As a healer and counselor she gave us feedback individually and as a couple.  Everything Daydree said to me specifically hit the nail on the head and she was even kind enough to give me my own personal guide to my meditation practice.  When Daydree turned around and spoke to my boyfriend specifically, her words also gave me a new and humble light in which to see him.

When it was time to leave, naturally, me and my boyfriend didn't want to out stay our welcome even though we secretly wanted to spend the rest of the day with Daydree.  She made us feel at home and welcome and NEVER rushed to go. In fact she often said to us, "I don't want to keep YOU guys!" Daydree encouraged us to spend the day in a peaceful environment like walking on the beach and embracing each other often.  She reminded us to take care of ourselves gently.  Of course we took Daydree's advice and that day my boyfriend and I spent on the beach, that day of reiki with Daydree, I'll always be remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

Hopefully I'll get to go back soon, I just want to be around her... and her incredible reiki!!"


- Savannah S., Performing Artist

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