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Are you interested in a fun way of learning how to get back into the dating scene? Or have you been in the dating scene and feeling a little lost? This is the ideal Consultation for the busy woman interested in dating and online dating the good way. Our virtual Goddess Party is tailor-made to be low stress, informative, relaxing and fun... plus, a friend(s) can attend! 


MyOshun's virtual Goddess Party is a 2hr service where you and your bff (best friend fan) meet with our Good Love Coach via zoom and dish about the beautiful, YOU! We uncover your best and hidden qualities, reveal your beliefs about dating, discuss "toxic ties", remove blocks, and discover your "D2 List" to get you started. Plus you'll be inspired to become that Love Magnet, ready to attract your romantic partner! This service is specifically designed for the woman interested in meeting her Soulmate.
Smiling for the Camera
After MyOshun's Goddess Party, you'll walk away feeling good, confident, inspired and ready to meet your Good Love! 

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