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Energy Matters

How you doin’?

How you’re feeling matters.

In some instances, the way we feel is a direct result of our energy system, not necessarily a physical condition. We tend to keep tabs on our physical appearance, health, the foods we consume and how much money we make. But, do we pay as close attention to our energy? In the Chinese culture this is called your ‘chi’ and the Japanese call it ‘ki’ - life force energy that flows through every living thing.

Close your eyes and sit completely still for a moment. Feel that subtle energy moving through your body. Does it feel calm, balanced or something else? This type of awareness is vital to understanding what you need in any given situation.

I’ll give you an example. When I was in high school taking my college entry exam, I failed to turn over the last page in order to complete the test. There were 30 questions left unanswered! After I handed in the exam and it was revealed what I did, my entire energy system felt charged and shaky, like I was short circuiting. But, more notably was my energy during the test which probably caused me not to complete it. You see, while I was taking the exam my entire energy system was elevated as I noticed the length of the thing. It seemed like I was climbing Machu Picchu. When will this test end? And, that stressful energy of “when will this end” probably contributed to me becoming flustered and not completing the exam. (Thankfully, I did well enough and was accepted to a good university.) ;)

However, this was a great lesson. The importance of mindful awareness of our own energy. If I knew then what I know now, I would have planted my feet on the ground, closed my eyes for a moment and taken a few slow, deep breaths, creating a reset with more calm and focus. And then, I’d complete the exam.

Remember your ‘ki’. When we connect to it, we make better decisions for our lives. Reiki literally means Universal Life Force energy. This therapy is a great way to find calm, focus and balance when experiencing stress, anxiety, emotional and physical pain.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

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