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Elevating Relationships

It was Sept 12th and the house already sold to a lovely family after only six days. It’s a seller’s market apparently, and everyone was happy with the transaction. My friend’s family home was sold to a couple in their late 30s. The couple shared that they were happy to purchase the house because it reminded them of “simpler times”. Interesting for such a young couple to make that comment. I guess we have been through quite a bit during the last few years.

2020 brought a huge energetic hit with it. Meeting new people slowed. Jobs were lost. Marriages were challenged. And, we’re still bouncing back from it all.

“Simpler times” isn’t just an old-fashioned phrase that refers to the days when we could leave our front door wide open or feel safe walking late at night. These 30-somethings were talking about a feeling which we all crave - less chaos and more connection.

Before everything changed, there was a time where singles would meet at a bar and with little to no effort, they’d have a few phone numbers at the end of the evening. Smiles came easy and conversations were a breeze. And, couples weren’t stuck at home and wondering how to navigate “me time”.

As a result of these changing times, isolation, stress and triggers have become common topics of conversation. While being alone sometimes does have its benefits - recharging with self-care and engaging in quiet, introspective time. Human beings are not meant to be alone constantly. The fact of the matter is when we’re alone on a regular basis the inside critical voices get louder. We can become more judgmental of ourselves and others. Also, isolation has the potential to raise stress hormones, which can affect sleep and raise blood pressure.

There is more fear and separation because many still have not adjusted to properly connecting with one another. Consequently, romantic and platonic relationships are occasionally still strained. Instead of having stimulating conversation, some would rather scroll through their social during a date because it feels easier. Couples don’t have as much patience to have real discussions when an issue arises because they’re so tense. This affects intimacy. One client even told me that he’d rather not date at all to avoid the whole thing.

Avoidance is not a good life hack.

But you can change this! You can elevate your relationships because they matter. And frankly, you matter.

Today is a full moon. It’s customary to release what no longer serves you on a full moon. So let’s do it! We may not have “simpler times” anymore, but we can release the old behaviors that are holding us back so we can have more of what we really need as human beings - healthier connections for a life filled with more wholeness.

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