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Holiday Self-care

Happy Holidays! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other December holidays celebrate important principles, life and love in the form of light. Since winter is the darkest season, we value this reminder of light illumined in all of its forms. These celebrations warm our hearts and kindle our relationships. I must admit, I do enjoy all of the gatherings, dinners and shopping connected with the holidays. It's a joyous time of giving and indulging which can be wonderful! However, it's a great deal of energy radiating outwards while we're having all of this fun. This is why we can feel a little depleted during the holidays as well. Most of us consider this "normal" during this time of year and there's nothing really that can be done about it. But there is. Take small moments to reawaken your energy or inner light, if you will. You can step away from the hubbub of the fa-la-la-la-la and take care of yourself. You'll be better equipped to handle all the energy of the season. Do it. You're worth it.

Have a beautiful holiday season! Daydree

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