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When Reiki and Coaching are combined they’re very effective in the transformational process, which is essential for improving every aspect of our lives for the better. Life coaching creates this metamorphosis while Reiki awakens, calms and stabilizes the mind, body and energy, supporting the process and creating a more powerful result.

Why do I care about my energy?

It is important to feel good in order to be truly happy and successful. One may be successful without feeling good, but certainly won't be happy without this component. And, feeling good has to do with our energy system. Each cell in our body has roughly 1.4 volts of energy multiplied by about 50 trillion cells in our body…. That’s 700 volts of electricity (energy) in every human being! Envision being upset or anxious, how all of this tumultuous energy might affect us physically or emotionally? Prolonged periods of this unrest can take a toll on the body/mind temple, affecting health, relationships and how we perform at our jobs. Reiki greatly improves your energy and reduces stress levels.


Why is Reiki beneficial?

The National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine considers Reiki a biofield therapy that accesses the body’s own healing energy, allowing the body to heal itself when activated. Reiki is a holistic, non-invasive, Integrative Medicine which helps individuals find balance and calm by having a Reiki practitioner place their hands on (or above) the torso over the energy centers. There are 7 main energy centers in the body which help manage the way we feel. (This is much like acupuncture which creates balance in the body with needles in ‘meridians' so that the body can heal itself.) Reiki follows a similar concept. No needles, however. When we're able to better manage our stress levels, we're more adept at making sound decisions, handling necessary life changes, becoming clearer as to how to confront challenges and, in general, we experience more wellness and joy. More on Reiki...


Why Reiki with Coaching?

Reiki helps individuals access their sub-conscious and have greater clarity. This is a vital component when combined with life coaching because whatever the sub-conscious believes as truth, is true for that person. Therefore, when we can access the sub-conscious, we can transform antiquated beliefs with the assistance of Reiki, or amplify positive ones in order to empower the individual and create more success in their lives. Also, there's an added benefit to Reiki with Coaching at companies because Reiki releases headaches commonly related to heavy workloads and other stressors. 

Reiki Master Practitioner, Daydree Horner sharing Reiki

What is the Reiki-Coaching Program?

This is a 6 session series of individual coaching, plus a Free Bonus Consultation. 

Every session provides coaching as well as Reiki, which helps sharpen focus, releases anxiety & stress related symptoms like headaches, and it brings the body's energy back into its natural state. First, the individual or team discovers their personal mission statement or "WHY" which helps ground them in their place of purpose. Finding "Your WHY" is essential for an individual to set clear intentions; and it's helpful for the team member that might feel lost in the shuffle at work. They gain awareness as to their beneficial presence in the company and obtain interpersonal skills which improves work performance. Whether in an individual or company situation,  we utilize the 'whole persons' concept so that people are empowered by their own life's transformation. Also during the program, individuals gain self-knowledge and their strengths are defined, while learning how to improve weaknesses effectively. They discover their Vision of Success and receive their own MP3 of this statement, so that they can stay connected to their objectives moving forward. Daydree Horner works with every individual like a team member, and above all, she makes the journey of achieving goals towards a successful life fun


When we feel understood, gain self-knowledge, and experience a beneficial team spirit, success and joy will follow us. 

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