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Let Go and Be Free

Updated: Apr 30

“Let go and be free,” said the chrysalis to the butterfly. Release your hard shell and become the beautiful being you were meant to be.

Letting go is an integral part of many healing, holistic and wellness teachings. However, this letting go concept will help in your relationships too.

There’s often an element of chaos in the world lingering beneath the surface just waiting to sprout. Sometimes it manifests in our interactions with strangers, friends or romantic relationships. However, there’s a choice when dealing with these times of unrest. Emotions, coupled with past experiences and a possible dash of trauma can make people do and say things that they never imagined before.

Understanding this and learning how to deal with it is exercising true savvy in your public and private relationships.

Here are some tips for letting go in order to create more peace:

  1. Let go of the need to judge others especially when in a disagreement. It doesn’t feel good for the other person. Being judged usually makes people feel diminished and isolated which is not fun because they usually know they’re in error anyway! Judging the other can manifest more discord as well. So even if you know you are the right one, 20 times over, resist the need to express judgment. No one is perfect. And as we say in Barbados, “You today, me tomorrow.” We all fall from grace at some point… even if just a little bit.

  2. Unplug the cord and listen. Arguments are like electricity. They keep going if they’re charged. That said, if there’s an argument brewing and you want to stop engaging… unplug the cord. Refrain from talking. Just listen. You might be missing what’s really going on. Plus you can save yourself some stress too. Take those deep breaths. And, listen with your heart, not with your head. Usually, underneath seeming anger is pain. Through your heartfelt listening you may actually be healing the situation.

  3. Shelve the moment. Walk away. Especially if you’re working through a moment where there’s a potential for real escalation of anger or a break in your relationship, this is often a good tactic. Constant arguing about what’s wrong tends to make us more fired up in the moment which perpetuates the arguing. Allow for some alone time to cool off. It may not be what you want to do, because you want to express yourself. However, relationships aren’t just about expressing ourselves. Sometimes the way to peace is no expression, but letting go instead, in order to have the relationship we truly desire.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

💚🦋 Daydree

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