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Cocoon and Create

Before butterflies become, they are in a “cocoon-like” state called chrysalis. During this phase, to the naked eye, it really doesn’t look like anything is happening. However, while in this state, the butterfly’s colors and wings are being created. Much is happening.

For we humans, we can feel like we’re cocooning at times as well. These are called times of contraction, which are different from periods of expansion with lots of activity and flow. Like summer and winter, our energy can do a dance between these two states, like yin and yang, movement and seeming stasis. This is good and necessary. It is not possible to be “on” all of the time, nor is it logical to assume that just because we are exuding much energy and effort in a specific direction that things will simply work out, in a snap. Sometimes we’re just in a period of contraction and pulling our energy inward.

This especially happens in winter, and now, during Covid. This contracting time is an ideal time to go within and become creative. Create, meditate and decide what is next for you. This is your time for abundant introspection. Turn your attention towards planting those seeds for what’s to come.

This can be a fruitful endeavor if you allow it to be. Ask yourself: What type of career do I want to create? What kind of partner would I like to attract? Do I need to make more time for fitness and a healthier lifestyle? Make it fun! Collaborate with friends, research, and dream it up!

When we release control, go within and allow the rhythm of life to be our co-creator for success, there is no limit to what we can manifest in our lives.

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