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Boomerang Love

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Singles, boomerang your love! What? Yes, the love you embody can come back to you. It's in your good actions. Nothing you do is wasted.

A while back, my husband forgot his phone at home on his way to work. I knew the traffic would be brutal the later it became, so I tried calling the front desk at his job to see if I could alert him before too long. When I called, I got the security guard, Eileen. I told her what had occurred and she was quite empathetic in her response even though we did not know each other and she was not obligated to help me. She put me on hold and looked everywhere for David, but to no avail. Eventually, he ended up coming home and retrieving his phone. Yet, it was Eileen's thoughtful actions that day that stayed on my mind.

Cut to: St. Patrick's Day the following week. David comes home from work with St. Patrick's Day themed treats from who? Eileen. For both of us.

Singles: Be an Eileen. The way the universe works is this: We are made up of energy. A lot of it. So whatever we do or say will have an impact on others. When you choose to be good, caring and empathetic, for example, those values in the form of energy are sent out into the world and can act as a boomerang of love that comes back to you. The key is to have the awareness that it is so, especially if you want to attract a like-minded soul with your values. Tap into the knowing that you're attracting the best of you. You are a love magnet. Nothing is wasted. Everything matters.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

💚🦋 Daydree

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