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DnA Wellness is a client focused, 8-session wellness program with Coaches Daydree Horner and Amy Honey that's live online for individuals and couples. This fully customized program includes 3 components: exercise for every age group and level of fitness, guided meditations combined with coaching, and cooking/ healthy tips sessions for the home cook of any taste. We begin from right where you are, creating a team environment where the client feels embraced on their journey, yet held accountable so that they have a truly transformational experience. We want you to have fun, eat well, and above all - be of healthy mind, body and soul while staying safe. Lastly, after our 8 sessions are complete, if you wish to continue specific sessions, you may do so with a DnA Wellness subscription. 

DnA Wellness provides Building Blocks for Change.

Older Adults are


More Intimacy



Amy n Daydree



Friendly, team


Coaches Amy Honey and Daydree Horner

The journey begins with the DnA free consultation with Daydree and Amy. During this session both coaches familiarize themselves with the client and their needs. Since there are 8 sessions in total, each session alternates between exercise, guided meditations with coaching, and cooking & healthy food tips sessions. In the first session following the consultation, Certified Coach, Daydree Horner shares coaching and guided meditations in order for the client to process, gain focus and become centered for the experience. Moving meditations are optional for the individual who prefers kinesthetic learning, and Couples meditations are offered as well. Coaching is combined with meditations because, let's face it, this is an unprecedented time we're living in which brings up many emotions and stressors. But first...

DnA Wellness Story

Our 8-session Wellness Program

Daydree meditating.jpg


More Calm

Better Sleep

Manage Emotions


Process Challenges


Cultural Awareness

But wait, there's more...



Boost Metabolism

Burn Fat

Gain Strength



Better Attitude

Improved Overall Health

Coach Amy Honey is our training expert.

From stretch to strengthening, cardio to barre,


plus Stable and Able (for older adults)...

Amy has got something for every age group and just about every situation. Not only is Amy an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer with over 20 years experience, but also, she is a certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist with extensive knowledge of how the pelvic floor interacts with the rest of the body and what to do when it's not working as it should. 

The bottom line: Whether you're an athlete, someone who just needs to get moving again, or somewhere in-between, Amy is here for your joyful motivation. 

And of course, we can't forget the best part... delicious food!  



Joyful Connections

Healthy Tips

New cuisine


Just in case you're wondering, when we say every stage of the program is customized, we mean it, even the cooking and tips. In this part of the program, both Daydree and Amy provide cooking and healthy food tips sessions for a variety of food types. Let's have fun and get cooking!


DnA Wellness is your blueprint for transformation. 

We look forward to meeting you!

~Daydree n Amy

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