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It’s that time of year again. The nights are colder, no more beach days for awhile. I’m reminded of darkness and light, the yin yang of life. Suffering and joy. Sometimes both can occur at the same time in abundance. Whoosh! Like a tidal wave of emotions. Suffering can feel as though it washes away the joy. But it’s okay! The joy is not gone, it’s only submerged for a brief moment.

You have freedom to fly when you address the suffering. Pushing it down can result in random outbursts of rage, feelings of isolation and emotional numbness. Depending on your preference, a spiritual, intellectual or kinesthetic approach (prayer, reiki, talk or art therapy, and moving meditations) work for managing overwhelming sadness. Although, in my opinion, a combination of all 3 approaches works best. You are not alone! Everyone will go through emotional pain at some point in their lives. No one is immune. It’s simply part of life’s journey. And if we see it as such, it makes pain easier to manage. This is true wellness - understanding and being receptive to life’s yin and yang. In managing the heaviness we can embrace and expand all aspects of our lives including more calm and joy.

Let yourself experience joy in the midst of pain. You are allowed.

One last thing, while experiencing trauma or any kind of adversity is challenging, the benefit is that it transforms your heart to expand and become stronger emotionally. You become more patient and empathetic regarding the pain of others. Again, you are not alone. We’re all on this transformational journey together.

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art which can be used therapeutically to help us restore, reset and even amplify, our energy system. In turn, when our body’s energy is in alignment our emotional, mental and physical pain can be alleviated. I’ve been practicing this transformative therapy since 2009 and offer both services: Reiki and Couples Reiki at MyOshun.

I’m honored to share with you, my feature article with goop on Couples Reiki, including guidelines for better self stimulation influenced by this revitalizing practice. Enjoy.

For more on Reiki and Couples Reiki click here.

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Almost time. My glass of water and supportive attitude were at the ready. The book launch was happening. Even though the launch was online and it wasn’t even mine, it might as well have been at an event hall filled to capacity with my fans. I was more than excited for my friend.

My girlfriend and writing coach, Colleen, along with her illustrator took questions and shared tons of information on their process while writing the book. I was riveted. What a fun time! I asked my question and felt quite satisfied. It had been a lovely event.

The last few questions were being answered as the online celebration was coming to a close. Just then, Colleen announced she was doing a giveaway of a very special coffee mug. Only a small circle of people had one - her editor, illustrator, agent, her mom’s best friend, mom, sister and Colleen. On the mug were images from the book. What a great prize! I’d be in an honored circle of 8. But winning a giveaway, puh-leeze! I might as well start contemplating dinner right now. I never win. Ever since I could remember, I thought it was pretty darn festive to win a prize at a party. Such a good feeling, plus it elevated the whole occasion. But it just didn’t happen for me.

“Guess a number between 1 and 500. The closest number wins the mug,” Colleen said. A flood of numbers started flowing through the online chat. 25, 13, 300… they kept going faster and faster. I sat back in my comfy chair. I was not participating. Silly stuff. I’m ready for dinner. Let’s go people! Then, the winning voice inside of me started saying: Sit forward. Be interested. Participate. Then, the doubter: Don’t even bother! You’re not gonna win. Sit back, gurrrl, it’s almost over.

At that moment, something happened. The winning voice was handed the baton and sprinted forward towards the finish line: Sit. Forward. Put your hands on the keyboard. Focus. And pick a number.

I did. I typed, 352.

Somehow, a feeling of pure satisfaction came over me. I listened to the best part of myself... and that was a very good thing.

The online event was over. I greeted my husband who had just walked into our office. Next thing you know, my phone was buzzing. I won. I had entered that honored circle of 8. But more than that, I listened to my higher self which I only heard because I nurtured that voice.

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