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Due to the present health situation: All services are now available online! Instead of Reiki and Couples Reiki, our Reiki Master is offering NEW private online Relaxation Therapy sessions, including a variety of guided and moving meditations for individuals & Couples. Also, these services are offered in combination with Coaching sessions that benefit stress, your relationships, sleep issues and all that you may be experiencing during this less than stable time. As a black-owned business we believe in equality for all, peace, and supporting wellness for all people while staying safe. 


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We're in a period which requires more awareness, more love, better communication skills, strong souls,

and the ability to move with the changing tides.

With that said, we support your good days and your emotional ones.

We support your need to date virtually because you want to be safe. 

And, most importantly, we'll help you foster more peace through this less than stable time so that you may handle it all with more grace.


Check out our new offerings.

All of our services are offered virtually online. 


Stressed about the current state of the world?

Relaxation Therapies

& Coaching

In need of a romantic boost with your mate?

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Ready to transform your body, soul & mind?

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About the Good Love Program...

Become a Love Magnet 

...with more services

About Daydree

Daydree Horner is the Good Love Coach, Reiki Master and motivational speaker at MyOshun. Daydree met her own husband online after years of kissing frogs, throwing back a few fishes, and almost giving up on the dating scene. It was a process that took true inner transformation, commitment, and one very important light bulb moment that changed everything. Yes, she is very happily married. But, also, this experience led her along a path to pay it forward. How? By fostering transformation and growth in those seeking to access their own healthy love that has longevity; and, repairing the romance and partnerships that need a reboot. Daydree's warm, enthusiastic and supportive approach helps clients disarm fear, connect to inner joy, and have the love they truly desire. 

Daydree offers private coaching and is based in Santa Monica, but serves clients all over the world via sessions online. 

*Oshun is the Afro-Cuban (Yoruba) river goddess of love, healing & prosperity. Her symbols are gold, sunflowers, yellow roses and butterflies. Oshun is the essence of good cheer and flowing joy.

Giving Good Love

MyOshun Donates

We had fun sewing and donating masks! You can do the same. Click here for an easy to follow video for making masks. 

Stay safe and well.


MyOshun Press Release


Daydree Horner, RMT CLC

Private coaching sessions Daydree is a certified coach offering private online sessions for individuals, she also specializes in Love Coaching for Singles & Couples, and is available for private coaching  online or by phone. (1hr)

Good Love Program is for the Single ready to become a love magnet and attract their life partner. (7-session program)

Virtual Love Assistant handles your online dating needs. 

Lastly, Goddess Party is for the Single ready for dating (virtually), in the safest and most optimal way possible for them. Invite your bff! In this supportive environment, we'll get you started for this brave new world. (2hrs)

NEW! Relaxation Therapies Private session guided and moving meditations offered virtually for stress management during these challenging times. Offered in conjunction with coaching to allow more calm, balance, clarity and focus. (30min - 1hr sessions) NEW! Guided Couples Meditation (with coaching) is offered virtually and designed to deepen your connection and reboot the romance in your life! (1hr)

New Wellness Program 

Our new collaborative offering with Coach Amy Honey for whole wellness during these changing times. 

It will include, coaching, exercise, Relaxation Therapies, and recipes for the home cook. (1 Free consultation, 7 sessions)




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