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Basking in the summer light lifts our energy! Are you feeling it? We’re just back from Hawaii where the vibe is blissful and relaxing. But no matter where you are, use the light energy of summer to manifest what you really want moving forward through the year.

Do you want to manifest wellness, more self-love, a better relationship, greater financial stability? This is your time to create your special mix of abundance with this summer energy. Just like a cocktail, there is a specific way to create what you want. To begin, you must believe that what you desire can actually happen. Next, make sure that you’re in a good space, no negativity to ruin this cocktail! Then, state exactly what you want, not what you don’t want. Even better, share what you’re intending with a person who you trust. This amplifies the energy. But be certain you’re crystal clear with your words. And then… enjoy!

Here’s what I mean…

When my husband and I were first dating we had a favorite spot for Friday’s date night. Unfortunately the restaurant no longer exists, but that’s not the point. They made the best lasagna in town so we there every week, like church. We had our favorite servers which were most of them, but there was one lady that rubbed us the wrong way for whatever reason. One night, as we stood on the line to be seated, I said to my husband, “I hope we don’t get that server…” and I went on about why I really hoped that server didn’t come to get us. My husband agreed with my statements. But sure enough, within seconds, that woman was walking up to us, taking us to her table.

This is precisely my point.

The universe is always listening. If you don’t want something to happen, don’t talk about it, and certainly don’t speak about it with great zeal accompanied by others. Give voice to what you want to see in your life, whether it’s at a restaurant, regarding your relationships or at work. I’m diligent about this way of manifesting now and I’ve watched it work seemingly miraculous moments for me. Remember, even though well intentioned, that friend who tells you that there are no men in LA is not helping you. Think good thoughts as well. Refrain from thinking: I hope I don’t get a ticket. And if you do think this way, just rethink what you truly want. Manifesting is an art. Therefore, you must practice to fine tune it.

It is common to state our fears over our fearless goals. So, don’t be hard on yourself if you do make the same mistake I did years ago. Keep moving forward. Think and say what you believe you can have in life. Even if it’s just really good lasagna.

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Happiness is fleeting like going shopping. The activity of shopping may create a feeling of bliss as you purchase and arrive home with new things for yourself. It’s an external experience. However, when you wave and smile at the shop owner of this establishment because you’re fond of her and grateful for her kindness, this is joy.

Joy comes from within our soul and carries meaning for us. This is valuable because joy is a major contributor to feeling good. And feeling good is part of our wellness. Anxiety is reduced and our mental health increases when we feel good. By the way, laughter (often a by-product of joy) releases endorphins in the brain and decreases our stress hormones. So we want more of that too! When we have a true sense of joy we don’t necessarily need outside stimuli in order to feel good. Joy begins as an inside job. It grows from within as well.

The question then becomes: Is your state of being fertile ground for blooming joy?

As life flows, joy can be rocked by unpleasant people, challenging news, and other unforeseen experiences. But you can fortify your joy with the way you live your life and with your beliefs. Keep planting. The joy will continue to bloom and strengthen your wholeness. And don’t forget to share your joy with others. That’s the best part.

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Those aren't my earrings.

Before I met my husband, I dated a guy who cheated on me.

The day I discovered what happened I decided to stop by and see him ...unannounced. He always left his door unlocked. (He probably doesn't anymore though.) Regardless, when I entered his house I went right to the bathroom since I'd been driving for some time. I was about to call him and ask when he'd be home, when I discovered a pair of hoop earrings on the bathroom shelf. Those aren't my earrings, I thought. But whose are they? I walked into his bedroom. There was a photo of some random naked woman cuddling his dog.

Don't ask.

I called him. He was pretty nervous.

Just then, the door opened and the same woman from the photo enters, fully clothed, with his dog. Apparently she had the task of walking the dog and was ready to give me an earful. Needless to say, it was quite a messy confrontation. My relationship subsequently ended, and I was grateful.

I wasn't in love with this guy so besides a bruised ego, it was easy to let him go. But what happens when you are in love? What if the individual who cheated on you is your spouse? How do you manage that moment? Your emotions?

People cheat for many reasons. Some of the most common motivations are when the person no longer feels emotionally connected to the partner, they have low self esteem, they're sexually unhappy with their mate, or they have a sexual addiction. Whatever the cause, when there is infidelity you still have to deal with the fallout.

That incident happened almost two decades ago. I'll never stop by someone's home unannounced again. But I'm glad that I did that day.

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