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Workaholics, Become a Love Magnet

Single & married to work. You’re a boss. That is to be commended. But what you want most, you don’t have. Your plus one. Your person.

How did you get here?

There are a myriad of reasons this happens. But what matters most now is: How do you get to where you want to be? Obviously, your career and money making skills are stellar. So, could you translate those skills into a transformational love experience?

You see, if you’re a ‘high achiever/married to your work’ type, you might believe that if you’ve worked this hard to make money the relationship part should come fairly easy. But that isn’t always the way. Being successful with your career is similar, yet different to being successful in love. Your diligence and attention to detail that got you where you are today will be great when navigating dating apps for example. But you’ll also need some relaxation and reflection in order to become a love magnet and attract the best match for you.

Obviously, there are many different types of romantic relationships including polyamorous, situationships, etc. But for the purpose of this particular blog, I’m referring to those seeking monogamous love relationships.

We tend to attract who we are. That could be your best self, your wounded self or a combo plate of the two. Also, we can sometimes attract folks that crave our inner light but we don’t necessarily need them. Cheesy Casseroles of Dating, I like to call them. They may be delicious in the moment but ultimately not the best for wellness, if you feel me. That said, in order to become a strong and healthy love magnet, you must get real and ask yourself difficult questions. That requires shutting out the noise of the outside world. Relax. Go within. Do you want a relationship that truly nourishes you or are you down for a lifetime of cheesy casseroles?

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Take care of yourself and each other.

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