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Couples Harmony

When we think of our favorite songs, the harmonies are impeccable. The melodies are catchy. We can’t get enough. Relationships are similar in form. Great harmony is required in order to make our relationships sing.

But how do couples maintain harmony and peace these days when fear, anxiety and stress have the potential to manifest as apathy, disconnection or short tempers between us?

First, let’s begin with what we mean by harmony. When individual sounds are joined together to create a whole unit, harmony is achieved. In a relationship, when someone hits the wrong chord the harmony goes off. There is no peace. Sometimes it’s just a small moment, one note. But if we are stressed, this moment can create discord.

However, we all have different types of relationships with our partners, so the sense of harmony and peace varies from couple to couple.

The ultimate goal is to understand your personal harmony within your relationship because there are no rules for a successful song. From Stravinsky to Frank Zappa, they broke the rules of harmony, yet still created beautiful music.

That said, what’s your harmony as a couple?

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